The Technologies and Logistics Union

Development of international relations within

international transport corridor



Basic preconditions
Mission of the union
The Union's activity contributes to the fulfilment of the Instructions of the President of the Russian Federation on the development of the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC), increasing the technological sovereignty of the Russian Federation and trade turnover with friendly countries, and is aimed at establishing a long-term and effective mechanism of mutually beneficial cooperation with the Caspian-bordering countries, Central and South-East Asia, the Arab World, India, Africa and other countries attracted to the INSTC route.
Uniting the interests of the Union members with foreign partners from friendly states to exchange technologies, finished products, services and ensure their unimpeded movement along the Trans-Caspian route of the INSTC.

The Union's activity is aimed at deepening trade and economic, transport and logistics cooperation between Russia and the countries of the Caspian region and the states attracted to the INSTC route with the help of the special economic zones (hereinafter referred to as SEZs) and the creation of international transport and logistics centers in the ports of SEZs in Russia and friendly countries.
Objectives and role of the union
Given the strategic importance of the INSTC for ensuring Russia's trade turnover with other countries both in the Caspian region and beyond, the Union's activities are focused on:
Development of international relations with the states of the Caspian region and other countries
attracted to the INSTC route
Assistance in increasing trade turnover
of the INSTC route
Development of technological cooperation
Formation of a unified logistics service on the INSTC route
Simplification of legal regulation
Achievement of the above-mentioned objectives will lead to the overall development of the economies of the Caspian-bordering states and other countries involved in the INSTC route, creation of infrastructure, increase of jobs and tax payments to local budgets.
International cooperation will enable the involved parties to:
Expand international relations with special/free economic zones belonging to the Technology and Logistics Union and the International Union of Special/Free Economic Zones of the INSTC.
Carry out faster and more profitable trade turnover along the INSTC route, as compared to the Southern Sea Route and other alternative routes, using the unified service which is being formed.
Intensively increase mutually beneficial technological exchange, including through the use of new technological chains and the creation of joint ventures and companies in the territory of Russian special economic zones and in special/free economic zones of friendly countries.
Reach the international level and export its products to the countries of the Caspian region, Central and South-East Asia, India, the Arab world and the African continent.
Use the transport and logistics center and other facilities of the Port Special Economic Zone in the Astrakhan Region, as well as international transport and logistics centers in foreign ports and special/free economic zones planned to be established in Iran, India and other countries.
Union founders and their responsibilities
SEZ Technopolis Moscow JSC

implements technological function representing the interests of SEZ Technopolis Moscow JSC tenants and promoting Moscow's economy abroad, ensuring technology exchange, development of technological chains and localization of production at the facilities of SEZ Technopolis Moscow JSC
Implements logistics function with the formation of a single logistics service along the Trans-Caspian route of the INSTC and the establishment of international cooperation
Autonomous Nonprofit Organization
"Directorate of International Transport Corridors"
Implements analytical function and legal regulation
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