The Technology and Logistics Union was presented at an important regional event.

The economic forum “Middle Volga-Caspy. Transport and Logistics Potential” ended in Ulyanovsk. It was attended by representatives of regional authorities, logistics and transport companies, exporters, financial and insurance organizations.

The main topic of the forum was the development of logistics on the International North-South Transport Corridor with active involvement of the Volga river and the infrastructure of the Volga regions in this route. The participants discussed issues related to the infrastructure of Russia's waterways, multimodal logistics, including cargo transportation via Iran and the formation of stable cross-border routes.

Experts from Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, India and other countries became the speakers of thematic round tables. Representatives of the Union "Technologies and Logistics" also took part in the forum. Dmitry Korneev, Executive Director of the Union "Technologies and Logistics", spoke at the session "Transport and Logistics: Problems and Solutions".

"Our Union was established to combine the efforts of special economic zones and organizations responsible for the development of Russia's international transport corridors with partners from friendly countries interested in the development of the INSTC and effective cooperation within the route. First of all, these are industrial and port economic zones, ports of the Caspian-bordering states, India and the UAE. But we do not limit the list of partners from both Russian and foreign sides. The main thing is that we should all be united by a common goal: to establish effective mutually beneficial technological cooperation and launch a logistics route that many people are waiting for," said Dmitry Korneev.

He also noted that the offer of technological cooperation is perceived positively by foreign partners, but the main difficulty of technological exchange is to find interested parties and investors, on which the Union is now actively working.

The economic forum "Middle Volga - Caspy. Transport and Logistics Potential" was organized within the framework of the national projects "International Cooperation and Export" and "Small and Medium Entrepreneurship". The organizers were the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region and the Afanasy Nikitin Association.
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